Omega-RMS is a leading provider of strategic contact campaigns, loan-servicing, third-party receivables purchasing and collections solutions. Working with companies from Main Street to Wall Street, Omega-RMS is focused on industry solutions in Education, Training, Healthcare, Consumer Products, Consumer Services and more. Bringing fresh ideas and innovative solutions to today’s business owners, Omega-RMS is dedicated to partnerships that enable forward thinking and profitable growth.
Backed by more than 40 years of accounts receivable experience, Omega-RMS relies on innovative tools to drive a higher standard in how individuals will be treated when interacting with an accounts receivable organization. It’s not just about what is legal; it’s about what is right in regard the relationship the debtor has with the Omega-RMS client.
The only choice for receivables management solutions, Omega-RMS offers a proven strategy that focuses on the relationship, the brand and the power of future business. The primary strategy is built on helping client customers figure out a way to satisfy their debt so they can focus on Moving Forward.

Our Markets


When you’re providing educational resources to your student base, your primary focus should be on the value of the education provided and not the outstanding debt you may need to collect. We’ll work with your students that are struggling to keep up financially and develop a customized program that works for you and their budget.


Patients come into your office every day, looking to you for guidance, advice and healing. Your focus should be on delivering the best healthcare and not collecting on open invoices. When you partner with Omega-RMS, we do that work for you. We’ll take your accounts receivables that are overdue and work directly with your patients to develop a payment program that satisfies the debt while still protecting your relationship.

Consumer Product

Your customers come to you because you have the best to offer and likely great financing. When the time comes to collect on the debt, not all customers are as good as their word. We’ll focus on developing a payment program and work directly with the customer so you can continue to focus on driving revenue. Together, we’ll help your business grow and your brand build value.


You’ve developed a great residual platform for revenue generation. The challenge comes with members overextend themselves and fall behind on their payments. If you have to repeatedly try and collect on the debt, it can dampen the relationship you have with that member. Let us do the backend work for you, respecting the member and collecting on the debt with integrity.