More Businesses Are Choosing Omega-RMS

Business Growth 1There are several key business practices that companies observe when deciding on which debt collection agency they will hire. Omega-RMS is exceeding those expectations after seeing growth of 30 percent in 2013.

A leader in strategic contact campaigns and third-party receivables, Omega-RMS embarked on a full year of developing new initiatives, bringing in new personnel and expanding into marketing. With more than four decades of experience in accounts receivables, Omega-RMS simply built upon its already stellar image.

Two key ingredients to the success of 2013 came in the form of new employees, including a new managing director, Ashley Bradley. Under her guidance, Omega-RMS opened a new office in Kansas   City and built up more quality staff to serve clients. With a new team in place, the focus zeroed-in on driving results, which included successful branding and sales initiatives.

Bradley came to Omega-RMS with experience as a senior business development consultant. She’s also served as an executive recruiter, which really helped in building a new team in Kansas City. This effort led to more clients signing on with Omega-RMS in 2013. Further growth due to this effort is expected through 2014.

Omega-RMS President and CEO Edward Vasques said the goal of the company is to position their clients for long-term success. To achieve this goal, Omega-RMS has established a new standard in the industry that is focused on seamless transactions and proactive approaches to enhancing clients’ profits while protecting their brand.

Vasques said at the end of 2013 that the company would continue to grow in the area of marketing while building deeper relationships with current clients. Furthermore, he said they would put efforts toward dominating the industry.

At the heart of Omega-RMS’s mission is providing accounts receivable management services, a mission that has a proven track record and 40-plus years of history as a foundation. When companies are having issues with their cash flow, Omega-RMS has stepped up to reverse the bleeding and provide opportunities for business growth. The backbone of the company is its employees – all of whom are trained to industry standards.

With access to the latest, state-of-the-art technology, Omega-RMS employees are attached to the hardware and software that, along with their intense training, allows them to succeed in collecting debt. Companies that have tried to collect on debt with in-house efforts are astonished by the return on investment they see once they’ve partnered with Omega-RMS. As more organizations find out about the quality of service and rate of return, Omega-RMS continues to see its topline revenue increase.

Omega has built a client list that ranges from the businesses in small towns on Main Street to the biggest organizations on Wall Street. The company has focused on serving businesses in the education sector, medical practices, consumer products and the membership industry. These businesses need to work on growing their client list and improving their profits, not toiling with debt recovery. The smart companies leave it the professionals at Omega-RMS.