Omega-RMS: Respectable Debt Collection For Your Clients

Partnering with a debt collection company is an exceedingly useful tool in any business’s arsenal. However, the decision often comes with too much trepidation and un-needed stress. Omega-RMS, llc., has for years won over skeptics through its debt collection solutions that provide more than just a better bottom line for its clients.

Questions abound regarding when it’s appropriate for a company to seek the help of a third party to chase down their uncollected receivables. Many companies are so confused by the process that they simply write off their debts as a complete loss and never go after them. These are companies that will eventually stifle their cash flow and stunt business growth.

Collections 10The debt collection industry is highly regulated, which means businesses that make money by chasing down bad debt must have highly trained and skilled workers on staff to effectively and ethically do business. It’s the few bad seeds out there that have caused businesses to delay jumping on board with a debt collection agency because they fear their customer base will react negatively to the methods used to gain back that debt and sully the brand image.

One way to ensure you have a reputable agency is to seek one out that has gained membership into ACA International – The Association of Credit and Collection Professionals. Omega-RMS is one such company that has fulfilled all the qualifications to become a member. How has Omega-RMS achieved this? It’s simple – they consistently provide their clients with ethical and responsible collection efforts that not only gain them their money, but boost their customer loyalty.

Nobody wants to be in debt and almost everybody has a good reason for being there. Omega professionals listen to what your clients say about what got them to the point they’re at now, and then they offer a solution that will get them out of the hole and back to better standing.

With more than four decades of experience in offering loan servicing, third-party receivables purchasing and collection solutions, Omega-RMS has the expertise necessary to carry out quality customer services that never mistreat the client’s customer base.

Consumers are finally willing to spend money again, but not with traditional credit agencies. Organizations in the medical, consumer products, memberships and education industries are partnering with third-party finance companies to extend credit to people who need it. Omega-RMS is there to ensure that organizations in these industries are covered with debt recovery solutions should payment agreements fail to be honored.

Part of what has earned Omega-RMS such high marks in the debt recovery industry is its client reporting gateways, performance analytics and other tools and resources that provide clients complete visibility into their accounts. Omega-RMS even uses a third party auditing firm to ensure that all of their processes are above board. Omega trains employees to follow every word of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Acts and then goes a step beyond.