Third Party Business Debt Collection to the Rescue

If you’re like most business owners, you have heard the stories about how a certain organizationAssets 1 hired a business debt collection agency to handle delinquent accounts and they lost a good portion of their customer base due to how poorly the debt collector treated the delinquent accounts. While the industry does have a few dark stories in its past, today’s debt collection industry is thriving with ethical firms ready to serve you and help retain your customer base.

Since the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act went into effect in the late 1970s debt collection agencies have put into effect quality debt practices that protect consumers. Reputable business debt collectors applaud the strict efforts on behalf of the federal and state governments that regulate the debt collection practices that keep consumers safe.

Now that we’ve addressed your fears about partnering with a collection professional, let’s look at some of the perks you’ll see once you’re hand-in-hand with a third party agency.

  • Your Staff Will Have More Time
    Too many businesses make valiant but failed efforts to collect debt by using staff members who aren’t trained in the ways of business debt collection. When you partner with a professional, your staff suddenly has more time to put efforts toward building up your business rather than getting mired in paperwork and under-delivering on their debt collection tasks.
  • Third Parties Don’t Get the Cold Shoulder as Often
    Consumers must face the facts when a third party debt collection agency contacts them, which motivates them to get current on their account(s). It’s not due to an intimidation factor – it’s mostly due to the fact that professional business debt collectors know how to communicate with debtors and are persistent enough to let the consumer know that the debt isn’t just going to go away on its own.
  • You Can Stop Worrying About Court Action
    Even though you think your staffers are really good at staying in line with the latest rules and regulations regarding collecting debt, they can’t keep up with all the changes. This puts your company in a bad spot because it leaves you vulnerable to court action by consumers who feel you’ve violated their consumer rights. Debt collection agencies are staffed with lawyers who know exactly how to communicate with debtors.
  • You Will See Increased Collection Amounts
    Again, you did your best with the staff you have at the office, but they are no match for the services a professional can offer. They have the hardware and the software, as well as the training to use it, to get the job done faster and with more efficiency than anyone on your staff ever could.

Omega-RMS, llc., is a debt collection company that has the professional staff willing and ready to help you collect on your unpaid accounts. Stop wasting your resources and partner with a business debt collection specialist that will offer you an excellent return on investment. If you’re serious about improving your cash flow situation, you’ll contact us today.