Once you have the right solution in place, it’s our intention to ensure that solution is serviced appropriately. Omega-RMS provides one easy point of interaction for all strategic contact campaigns, loan servicing, third party, receivables purchase and collections solutions. Plus, all of our calls are monitored by a third-party provider, ensuring we meet that higher standard while servicing your portfolio. We have successful solutions for nearly every industry and work with you to develop a customized option to meet your needs. We’ll bring fresh ideas to the table to help you keep.

Moving Forward

Accounts Receivables Management

At the heart of our mission is developing a clear understanding of your business and then creating a customized solution that increases your cash flow. This strategy is centered on utilizing a proven method of scrubbing your lists, making direct contact and creating solutions that enable customers to make good on their open accounts. At Omega-RMS, we offer the innovative approach to receivables management solutions.

Early Intercept Recovery Services

Every business has customers who run into challenges when an account comes due. We design a customizable pre-collection approach to keep these customer accounts from ever becoming a charge-off designation. Omega RMS representatives will interact with your customers like an extension of your own in-house efforts, treating them with respect and delivering on the quality experience your brand has come to represent.

Contingent Collection Services

All of our solutions providers are trained according to the Omega-RMS way of doing business. Not only do we train according to industry regulations, but also a higher set of standards. We’re licensed and bonded in every state and our collectors are experienced, our practices are FDCPA compliant and our calls are delivered through state-of-the-art digitally recorded collection processes at competitive rates.